Truckies for Pro-Choice: In their own Words - Rally - August 31st 2021

2 years ago

Truckies: In their own Words - Rally - August 31st 2021 - They don't want Mandatory Jabs. More scared of the vaccine than the virus. Freedom of choice.

Senators, along with numerous Barristers, Nurses, Freedom fighters, and members of the AFP will be in attendance.

More information will become available at 5am, Monday morning of the exact time & location of where to gather.

Telegram Channels:

Aussie Truckies United

Aussie Truckies and Truckies WorldWide Silent Freedom Rally


AFL Solicitors

Freedom Rally Updates

Facebook group was hacked yesterday and archived, but members can still see posts.

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Kendall Trucking & Co

What they have planned for our world

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