The Ultimate California Recall Election Subliminal!

Published August 29, 2021 85 Views

Rumble Governor new some is now rapidly loosing popularity and support, Larry Elder is now rapidly gaining popularity and support, the idea of recalling Governor new some is now rapidly gaining in popularity and support, A majority of California voters will now vote to recall governor New some, Larry Elder will win enough votes to become the next Governor of California, All attempts to rig, cheat, and steal the election will now fail miserably, any and all forms of election manipulation including ballot harvesting and virtual vote flipping will now be caught and stopped in the act, all the left leaning voters will now stay home in droves and not vote at all, all the right leaning voters will now come out in droves and vote for Larry elder and to re call Governor new some, all people or persons that try to rig, steal, and manipulate the election will now be stopped and imprisoned for life, The next Governor of California will now fill camala Harris’s senate seat with a hardcore conservative senator,
The twenty twenty one California Recall election is now completely immune to election fraud and any and all forms of vote manipulation and cheating, I am getting results every time I eat, sleep, and breathe, you are getting results every time you eat, sleep, and breathe,