Long-tailed shrike sound

Published August 29, 2021 49 Views

Also known as long-tailed shrike or Rufous-backed shrike. The scientific name is Lanius schach. Indigenous to Kerala. Endemic to all parts of India except Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh. They are commonly found in forested areas.
It has a narrow black tail, a black mask and forehead, a coppery back, and white markings on the shoulders, and the wings, muzzle, and hindneck are grayish brown. The beak is black and short, with black stripes across the eyes up to the cheeks. The toad and the toad are the same.
These birds are found in Asia from Kazakhstan to New Guinea. They feed on a variety of organisms. They also steal prey from other birds and eat insects. Eat fruits. In Kerala, eating Aryavep berry and storing it on thorns has been recorded for later use. These have been recorded catching fish and eating snakes.
They lay their eggs in summer. In thorny shrubs, cup-shaped stems, stalks, and hairs are used to make loose nests. Lays 3-6 eggs. The eggs are brown or light green in color. The chicks are fed small birds. In this nest, a group of eggs is laid close by. Quills lay their eggs in their nests.

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