The New Normal Side Effects of Refusing the Covaxxx: Holding Organs, Jobs and Kids Hostage

Published August 28, 2021 8,835 Views

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Father of Arnold Schwarzenegger, served in WWII as part of the German ‘Feldgendarmerie’ (military police):

Total recall: Arnold Schwarzenegger DID express admiration for Adolf Hitler... but just for his powerful oratory skills:

How do we vote for the Taliban?

Battoulah is a metallic-looking mask traditionally worn by women in Arab states:

When Someone Tells Me To Wear a Mask: (this is a very short video but good)

15 luxury face masks over $100 people are wearing just for fashion:

Pfizer becomes first Covid vaccine to gain full FDA approval:

Pentagon to mandate COVID-19 vaccine, as Pfizer is approved

Most COVID-19 Patients at Israel Hospital Fully Vaccinated, Doctor Calls Mandates ‘Diabolic’:

CDC Director says vaccinated people don’t get sick then says increased risk of severe disease with those vaccinated early… then says should be decreased amounts of deaths with those vaccinated early (because they already died: link in Telegram blog chat

Hospital removed sick patients from transplant wait list after they refused to get the COVID vaccine:

Washington requires COVID-19 vaccination for teachers, staff:

EXCLUSIVE: Washington public school forces unvaccinated student athletes to wear ankle monitors:

24,000 Australian teens jabbed in mass vaccination while police keep parents away:

At least 2 dead…(24,000 Children in Australian Stadium):

Australian Police Pepper Spray Children for not wearing masks: VIDEO

Young girl’s side effects after the Covid Shot (Video)

Jabbed Australian Official Develops Bell’s Palsy in Middle of Press Conference:

South Australia forced to display ‘quarantine signs’ on their homes:

Police get more powers and defense force back-up: Hundreds of police to swarm NSW to make people 'stay at home':

I want to drink rum with this pirate: (VIDEO)

I guess this is about as close to a win as one can currently get for coverage of #Monero by mainstream media (VIDEO):

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