AZ Audit and Republican Travesty

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AZ Audit and Republican Travesty

On this program we discuss the AZ Audit and Republican Travesty with my friend Ted Farmer. Ted was involved early on in the AZ Audit. He shares his first hand experiences and opinion on what he participated in.

With Ted, I delve into the Republican Travesty. Yup, the problems in the republican party are systemic. We compare notes between the State of Arizona Republican Party and that in Ohio. I’m sure that you can compare your own state as well. Simply put, the Republican Travesty is that the central committees, especially at the state level, don’t care about Liberty.

In our conversation, Ted makes a huge revelation that exposes the key language of the RINO and establishment. Listen close in the 3rd segment for this revelation and see that it is true in your local Republican party as well as State and National.

In the AZ Audit, it is clear and we must understand that the hitches, hiccups and down right nastiness has come from the Republican elite, RINOS and Republican socialists as well as every other mix that is about party and power.... NOT Liberty.

A win for Citizens Rights!

Removing bureaucrats - especially socialists. In our County the Department of Health Director/Commissioner is appointed by the health board. The board is appointed by Township Trustees and representatives of cities and villages. Making this short, to which I will follow up with a program next week, is that the said Health Director constantly expressed his political ideology on his personal Facebook page and, in exercising his office he personally harassed the Amish community regarding health practices and specifically regarding the ChicomFlu and the jab...... See more about A Win for Citizens Rights at the link above.

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