Little Grebe water bird Life style and hunting

Published August 27, 2021 34 Views

Little Greb. The scientific name is Podicheps ruficolis. It looks like a duck, but its beak is round and sharp. But the feet are not like the duck. When the hindquarters are raised above the water, it is sharp and contrasts with the duck. This bird migrates to ponds in Kerala for six months and is found only in water bodies. Fish and aquatic life are the main food.
fly well. They fly from one lake to another. It can fly up to 500 km.Dark brown. The sides of the throat and neck are reddish in color. The white color of the wings is visible only when flying.The sound of the rooster is of two kinds. It is usually pronounced as 'Feet'. But when they mate, they sing long songs. 'Cleo-li-li-li-li'.The nest is made of aquatic plants close to the pond. The nest is made of juicy leaves, sugarcane and grass. The nest, which does not protrude much from the water, is always wet. Lays eggs in July-August. Lays five eggs.

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