U.S.A. Being Marched into Marxism

Published August 26, 2021 108 Views

Rumble Republicans say Biden made a Mistake according to who?
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We've been listening to McCarthy and other Republicans along with all the talking heads criticizing Biden for his decision to pull out of Afghanistan and then sending Troops in to Evacuate Americans and Afghans who helped us to get out by Aug. 31 according to the Taliban leaders who are Dictating the rules to the U.S.A., and remember to keep the Families of those Killed & Injured in Afghanistan, thanks to the Marxist Democrats Master Plan to Destroy Our Nation.

Our GOP and G7 Leaders, and a majority of Americans have asked for the timeline to be extended several times without success but don't believe they'll be any, we must face this is just one more piece of the puzzle to Discredit America around the world, and to Demoralize the American People showing us we have no real power or representation in our Federal Government, and need to get use to taking orders from Woke Corporations, Special Interests who've installed these Figurehead Leaders to carry out their Orders to Enslave All Americans, and create the One World Government they've been working on for Decades.

I hope the American people will begin Marching at their State Capitals, and DC while we still have the Freedom to do so, as we're presently watching the U.S. Military and it's Woke Commanders following the orders of a Puppet President, Administration, and yes even most in Congress busy being Courteous to One Another with No Apparent Concern for Our Nation and its people being Enslaved by Marxism, I hope none Support Incumbents as they've been Compromising our Freedoms for Decades while pretending to serve us they've been serving the Uni Party.

This whole time Biden and his bosses are pushing America further down the Socialist path laid out by FDR's New Deal and Johnson's Great Society, if they pass this Infrastructure bill of over 6 Trillion Dollars with the take over of the Elections maybe the Final Nail in their well made Coffin for Our Republic, we have little time left, and hope all who believe the Talking Heads and Politicians saying it's a mistake Wake Up to the Fact that this is a well laid out Marxist Plan to turn the entire World into on Big Slave Labor Camp and those in power will be Our New Kings & Queens reversing Centuries of Freedom and looking forward to Centuries of Slavery as it appears the History of the Past is Returning to All Mankind.

We're in a Political Civil War of GOOD vs. Evil, and the choices you make in the 2022 Primary election cycle are critical to the outcome of All Americans Rights, Freedoms & Liberties, and the One Tool we have is to speak out against it, and find others in our midst who'll run for office to remove the Career Politicians concerned about their Careers and not Our God Granted Rights and Freedoms.

I pray you'll Share to bring Americans into Reality, and Stand Up Now or we won't be able to Turn this Around later Dooming Our Children, Grandchildren, and Generations into a Lifetime of Marxist Slavery, as we live in the most Dangerous Time of any Generation in American History, the Time of America's Restoration or Total Demise.

America was founded on Christian Biblical Principles, however by what has taken place in the past years and presently in DC is proving that is no longer true, unless those called by His Name Repent and Turn from their Wicked Ways so God can Heal their Land our futures are doomed, how much Farther will Believers in the USA Fall?

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God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk