Respect and Follow the Law

2 years ago


FIND AND SHARE with employer: The “Constructive Notice” and your signed “Letter of Declination” (advice from WA Civil Rights Counsel Legal Team)
Document everything/use certified mail/email.

WA state just demanded experimental Covid vaccination as a condition of continued employment. They have attempted to coerce the remainder of the unvaccinated population into getting the vaccine with rewards such as Starbucks Coffee, Dicks Burgers, Sports Tickets, Lottery Tickets and even drugs (joints for jabs program) and because this carrot approach hasn't worked as well as they wanted they are now moving to financial punishment. This video explains how this order that they have put on local employers to enforce could become the nightmare liability that they should consider before terminating their own employees for not getting a experimental, unapproved vaccination. Further laws are discussed in summary.

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