Announcing the Defender COUNTDOWN Virtual Conference! (Oct 15th)

Published August 26, 2021 102,451 Views

Rumble INCLUDES WORLD EXCLUSIVE PREMIER OF NEW MOVIE “THE GREAT DELUSION” THAT WAS 10-YEARS IN MAKING! Interest in the paranormal and supernatural has been increasing exponentially with a growing number of people reporting midnight visitations where evil spirits and even “alien greys” are seen and felt. To top it off, with new Pentagon reports confirming the existence of UFOs, the world needs answers. Join us for our COUNTDOWN Virtual Conference as we near ALIEN DISCLOSURE and END TIMES GREAT DELUSION! Pre-purchase the conference now at to receive the early bird special of $85 through Oct 10th and then $95 after that. The COUNTDOWN is revealed at midnight October 15th and includes THE WORLD EXCLUSIVE PREMIER OF THE NEW MOVIE “THE GREAT DELUSION” plus life-changing sessions from theologians, apologetics experts, investigative researchers, archaeologists, and prophecy teachers in the comfort of your own home!