Joy in Heaven, Hell on Earth

Published August 22, 2021 281 Views

Rumble Joy in Heaven, Hell on Earth
Living During the Tribulation Part 7:
AUGUST 23, 2020
With the Judgment Seat of Christ finished, Christians are given brilliant white robes and ushered into a magnificent banquet room. When everyone is seated, the head table with its thirteen chairs is the only one that remains empty.

An angel announces the twelve apostles, and when Jesus enters, everyone stands to their feet and roars out their approval for the Son of God. An angel leads the believers in a pledge to accept Jesus as the groom and the Son of God accepts them as his bride. This is followed by a feast and the party seems to go on indefinitely. No one notices how long it lasts, after all, this is heaven and time is not important anymore.

The events on earth pale in comparison but eventually Jesus interrupts the festivities to show the suffering that is happening on earth. Believers watch in stunned silence as angels pour out four vials on the earth that creates hell for those who have taken the embedded microchip. They cannot repent and their fate is sealed. In a short while, they will all be in the Lake of Fire.
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