Stephanie Seneff - COVID Vaccines May Bring Avalanche of Neurological Disease

2 years ago

It is one of the most important interviews ever made, which scrutinizes the Genetic & Microbiological aspects of the Covid-19 'vaccines', as well the artificial and genetically modified information, that is transported into the human body as well that reversed transcriptase, far more common in our body, allows the integration of artificial RNA to be integrated into the human genome.

They play God - and Covid-19 vaccines is the way to go.
It is literally like opening a can of worms in terms of disease. But here you get the scientific-medical background into each component, the why and the how.

The potential dangers are gravitational at all levels from a medical perspective - equivalent to a Bio Weapon.

While this interview uses a lot of scientific terms, i still urge you to listen to this interview - because it literally goes into the deepest aspects of the 'vaccines', and the human biological integrity and negative consequences, possibly damages for life. And we see that already in many people...

The original content is gone at Mercola, and hard to find at other places.

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