FNL- Are You Made For This , Y'all Not Ready

Published August 21, 2021 118 Views

Rumble Are you made for this , time where lies are pushed as true and many people believe and are under the spell of the lie... Then those that realize these lies , standing up & wont back down...

1. Man Goes Wild At Board Of Supervisors Meeting Over COVID-19 Measures and put them on notice about the Nuremberg Codes

2. Wendy Rogers is on the ground going state to state helping push for full forensic audits coming to Michigan

3. Nancy Drew on location in DC showing the water flooding the streats coming out of manholes... are they flooding the underground tunnels?

4. Australian news slips and shows satanic ritual live on air & Nazi occupied Australia children are being removed from their parents for refusing to be vaccinated and going against their tyrannical covid laws

5. Today this French market started requiring Covid Passports to enter. The people simply refuse to shop there

6. Trump claims COVID booster shots are a 'money-making operation' for Pfizer

***It's looking increasingly likely that President Trump, and the military that still answers to him, made a secret deal with the Taliban to lure a future Biden administration into the tar pit trap you're seeing now in Kabul. Many more such snares lie ahead. Patriots wargamed everything and rigged the field so that the fraudulent administration could step on landmine after landmine until it runs out of breath, so that we, the people, can pry our stolen Republic from its cold dead hands. #MilitaryGrade.

7. Biden claims "ISIS in Afghanistan have been the sworn enemy of the Taliban

8. MSNBC throwing Biden under bus Biden’s speech is delayed

9.President Trump last night said that the Taliban has potentially 40,000 American hostages.

10. Don Jr on Biden made stupid decisions, and now he owns all of it - and now he owns the largest hostage situation I have ever heard of

11. Dr. Sean Brooks PHD from Oxford gives the skinny on RNA vaccine

12 STORYTIME - Mammy writes a article in LA Times about Larry Elder
Recall candidate Larry Elder is a threat to Black Californians titled
"Larry Elder is the Black face of White Supremacy, you've been warned.


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