Afghan Woman Torches Biden, 3673

Published August 21, 2021 674 Views

Rumble Good afternoon, I’m still reporting on the coup.

First of all, we’ll be doing our livestream tonight at 7pm. This is the last Friday night livestream. It was scheduled before we decided to change it to 8pm on Thurs night from here on. Dr. Bose Ravenel will be our guest tonight, one of the leading authorities on COVID.

Secondly, although my face looks like I’m auditioning for a role as Blackbeard the Pirate, the swelling has pretty much subsided now, it’s just the bruising that continues to darken. Today is what they call the worst day – the 4th day post-op. Now, all of this should subside over the course of the next 5 days, and then only these video reports will be the record of this messiness.

Now, the magnitude of the Biden-created disaster in Afghanistan is only now being revealed a week after the fact. This unidentified Afghani woman was filmed screaming at Joe Biden as her country submerged into complete despotism.


Laura Ingraham noted last night some of the unbelievable things that took place.


I’m not a fan of Geraldo, but he did make some interesting points this morning on Fox & Friends.


This is something I didn’t know. Biden actually pulled the military out of country before the civilians. This couldn’t have been an accident. This was deliberate.

Then old Camel-ah trying to pretend she and Jumpin Joe were in the situation room making the big decisions. What a joke!


If there is one thing that any reporter develops it is a sense of when a politician is lying and I guarantee this woman is lying. The real decision makers wouldn’t let her any where near them.

Now Geraldo pointed out another thing I didn’t realize about what just happened. We gave up THE most impregnable airbase in the country for nothing. We just walked away.


You know it’s got to be bad for even Geraldo to admit that everything Biden & company did was ass backwards.

But then he goes off into the wild blue yonder of liberal hope-ism.


But here is the reality of the situation – the good behavior he was talking about.

[insert Bill & Dana

Now here’s some more good news. The Taliban instantly now has the best equipped army in the world. Jumpin Joe even told us so:


75,000 vehicles and 200 aircraft! You’ve got to be kidding me. How large a parking lot do you need to park 75,000 military vehicles?

And finally, here is an interesting little tidbit about one of the iconic photos of the last few days.

[insert plane pic]

Now sit back for one minute and think of the Democrats in Congress impeaching President Trump for a phone call just after he was sworn in – a phone call which every President since the invention of the telephone has made in his first week in office – paying his respects to the various world leaders.

Maybe, just maybe this is bad enough for a few of them to dare to cross Nancy Pelosi, but I doubt it.

And even if that did happen, who would we get? This idiot?

[insert Camala again

And if she got removed, do you know who would be next up in the Presidential line of succession?

[insert Pelosi]

Lord Jesus, it says in your word that: "whatever you ask in My name,
that will I do,
that the Father
may be glorified
in the Son."

Well Lord, we need a heaping helping of Godly glorification right now.

I’m still reporting from the soon-to-be-restored citadel of world freedom. Good day.

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