Australian Ex-Cop: Join us - Take Action to Remove Corruption

2 years ago

There are thousands of police officers who do not want to participate in this. New group led by an ex Police-Officer of 18 years is coming together to coordinate and work together to remove corruption from Australia.

We've got 2 kids dead from the mass-vaccination in one day in Sydney - and that doesn't make it to the news. If that doesn't wake you up - I don't have words for any of that, I'm a bit overcome with the fact that we've 2 kids dead.

When we finally do face our judgement day - I think it matters how we live, and I think it matters how we die. We cannot live in the spirit of fear.

History tells us that approximately 1% of our nation will stand up, but once that 1% stands up, history tells us, another 10% will stand behind them. If this 1% can get its act together and unite and stand up, we'll have at least 2 & a half million people moving together.

We need to write letters - everybody. We can write emails.

When we have 200 letters going out "Cease & Desist your Illegal Actions" - 200 uncoordinated letters doesn't do much.

But 200 letters to one pharmacist or to one doctor that has decided to take easy-money to poison people with the jab, telling them:

"you're breaking the law, and when this regime changes, you're going to be charged in a common law court, and we're going to strip you of your credentials, we are going to take the wealth you created out of this crime and give it back to the people, and if you have been found guilty of treason against your nation, my question is how long you will spend in jail".

Has much more impact.

They are lying to us - that's important.

They have been driving a fear-campaign into all of your friends, your families, your children, your loved ones and into the hearts of your fellow Australians.

It's time we drove that fear back into them.

Directing COORDINATED Cease & Desist letters from the people en-masse to all those in positions that are part of this.

One of the groups that wants to deal with us already has 300,000 members. This is going to grow, and it's going to grow fast.
When we've got 200,000 people writing 10 letters a week - that's 2 million. 2 million letters addressed to one person - emails & letterbox.

1% stands up, 10% get behind them. That's 2.6 million people in Australia, writing 10 letters a week. That's 26 million letters a week.
26 million letters a week - organized together - will make an impact.
It's enough to change the entire political face of our nation.

We just want our country back.

You won't be disappointed. We have plans that we have to keep vague for now, but we will be serving legal notices, and we will be visiting surgeries and pharmacists and police stations.

Website not up yet but will be located here:

Telegram just opened and already has some letters:

This needs to happen now. Join us.

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