Blinken, Blinken

Published August 20, 2021 247 Views

Rumble Blinken, Blinken I’ve been thinking
You’ve screwed up Afghanistan,
Left our allies, left our weapons, gave them to the Taliban.

Blinken, Blinken I’ve been thinking
How could you have missed the signs?
From a Friday to a Monday, lost a war in record time.

General Austin, I’ve been thinking
That you didn’t plan for this,
Left us with no options but to put our trust in terrorists.

Blinken, Blinken, I’ve been thinking,
Where the heck’s the President?
Biden hiding on vacation with world leaders left on read.

General Milley, I’ve been thinking
White rage ain’t our biggest threat.
Gender studies won’t defend us from Al Qaeda and their friends.

Biden, Biden I’ve been thinking,
All these people should resign.
When they’re gone, you’re next, we’re done, it’s twenty-fifth amendment time.

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Lyrics: Alice Shattuck

To the melody of Reuben and Rachel (1871)
Melody: William Gooch
Lyrics: Harry Birch