California Vote Fraud Happening

Published August 20, 2021 7,243 Views

Rumble The Gavin Newsom recall vote in California is on September 14th and it is already fraught with fraud.

Friends report that registered Republicans received their mail-in ballots more than two weeks after the Democrats did.

The first video shows us the recall mail-in ballots and how the box one would fill in to vote "YES" to recall Governor Newsom aligns perfectly with a hole cut into the envelope, so that a casual onlooker – or a mail sorting machine – would be able to see your vote through the closed envelope and toss your ballot out, as was done with thousands of Trump votes in 2020.

Jovan Pulitzer shared the second video that shows two women standing in front of an apartment building's mail boxes and able to open all of them with a master key, from which they remove all of the main-in ballots.

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