All About WF Algebra and WFC (Part 6/6) | Math After Dark Episode 2 | WFC 9

Published August 18, 2021 6 Views

[re-upload with better audio]

00:00:00 Craig Cannon reads the parable of Nick the Swan
00:16:55 Analysis of the parable of Nick the Swan
00:32:45 Craig Cannon Polyglot on how to learn a language fluently as an adult
00:40:35 Accents
00:45:00 Why Craig Cannon is mean to his retarded Japanese neighbor
00:55:50 Craig Cannon: the only wars that can be just ever are limited wars
00:57:50 WF Algebra exercises for people to do at home
01:00:00 How all good intuitions start
01:03:45 Terry A. Davis was right about writing your own compiler
01:09:30 Things that are not demanding are also not meaningful
01:12:30 Craig Cannon reflects on WF Algebra
01:13:00 The root of negotiation is the mutual capacity for violence
01:15:40 Every great idea is obvious in hindsight
01:16:40 The Intel i286 story
01:22:00 Elon's companies are the only tech shops that do real work anymore
01:24:50 The Steve Jobs innovation method
01:29:40 Craig Cannon: money is too cheap right now
01:32:20 Cryptocurrency hyperinflation

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