All About WF Algebra and WFC (Part 5/6) | Math After Dark Episode 2 | WFC 8

Published August 18, 2021 8 Views

[re-upload with better audio]

00:00:00 Code review part 5
00:10:13 Erlang does not have loops, and that actually makes it easier
00:12:30 Javascript is the worst language ever created
00:13:20 Craig Cannon REACTS to the JavaScript WAT talk
00:19:20 We like Erlang because it's not insane
00:24:30 Rewrite systems are the most powerful things there are
00:27:49 Erlang's secret: no hidden state
00:30:00 The hardest part of learning any programming language is how to decipher its error messages
00:32:00 Craig Cannon on KFC versus Filipino Lawnmower Chicken
00:33:25 Using wfc to solve The Lying Knights problem
00:39:19 Where does Craig think the grail is?
00:44:00 Where is the grail?
00:46:49 End of code review, summary. "There's a lot going on here."
00:48:58 Reddit is insane
00:50:10 Why you can't parody Terry A. Davis

Correction at 00:37:10: should have wrapped gold_says(),
marble_says(), and stone_says() each in wnot(...).

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