Dark & evil secret-side deeply-embedded within Global Organizations?

2 years ago

Australia. Business suits and flashing-smiles by day - creepy, ritualistic baby-raping / child-sacrifice by night.

Something funky going on in Australia and for those of us paying attention it's quite alarming.

Something to keep in mind as a possibility as to the seemingly-insane and destructive covid measures is to realize that there's a 'whole other world of dark & evil infestations within our communities without us even noticing. What are they thinking, what are they into, what is the mindset of the most rich and powerful players that could very well be directing the show right now? How far does it extend?

Some people in our upper-level organizations may have completely evil & nefarious plans for humanity.

We think we're dealing with the good guys but people are speaking out that "...all these are guys are evil paedophiles and their connections run deeper than what anyone of us could possibly imagine"


Fiona Barnett Press Conference - October 2015, Sydney

Bill Heffernan Addresses Abuse Allegations in Australian Senate
Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee, October 2015

Fiona's Free Book on her Experience:

Those of us down in normal-land would have no concept to try to begin to understand the motives or mindset of these people. We just don't know what kind of Freaky Friday shit these people are into or what kind of mindsets are running these deeply-embedded networks that could be directing our world right now.

Who is behind what is going on in the world right now, is it people like this?
People who murder and rape children?
People into ritual abuse and child sacrifice?

Are they doing a culling? Mass-torture? Mind-Control?

We dismiss this side of things because we don't want to look, but the reality is, these kinds of things are actually happening, and child & drug trafficking is apparently 'business as normal' in some sectors... and they could be the kinds of people who are making decisions for all of humanity right now.

Can we trust these people?

I think we or maybe just I needed a reminder that there are people in the world that are not out for humanity's best interest, that are sick and twisted and that there could be many aspects to this - that we just cannot wrap our minds around due to not understanding the way these people think, or what those kinds of people with "too much money" have planned.

I say this because a 'pandemic' is a perfect front for obedient-torture techniques:

Masks are a type of torture, it de-personalizes & separates you, and keeps people in a constant state of "fearing an invisible enemy".

The 'asymptomatic' spread keeps people fearing healthy-people because they could still 'kill them'.

The separation and isolation, the ripping apart people's businesses, allowing loved ones in aged-care to be completely isolated and ignored & to die alone. Grandparents avoiding grandchildren 'in case they catch the disease from them and die'

There's been 'no fun' to be had - no large gatherings or even small ones with loved ones.

Funerals cancelled. Weddings cancelled.

People's lives ripped apart - loved ones separated by sea and air for almost two years.

The pcr-tests are a type of torture device as well - sticking something right up near your brain - even into little babies and kids. Literally sick and twisted torture devices.

Some of these politicians seem to have such a disconnect with the people when they make their decisions - there's no humanity there, it's just a very strange 'pandemic', one rule for us, another rule for them. So de-humanized - these people seem to have no soul or empathy, and could be into some kind of creepy evil hidden shit we know nothing about.

The people 'leading the way' are getting really rich from the pandemic and the people are getting 'really poor' from the pandemic. The pandemic is a super-cover for evil - I'm just calling it as it is - it's actually brilliant.

They want to inject a completely new technology - into the whole globe at the same time - that is still only authorized for "emergency or provisional use only" - that is STILL in clinical trials, and they keep repeating the same message over and over and over again.

"get the jab, it's safe"

They cannot actually know that - because it's completely new. And there are so many treatments for covid now it's ridiculous - researchers all over the world in every language have been working on this problem since the start - thousands of publications show many different treatments - but we ignore those safer alternatives because they really want this "new technology" to get into everyone's arms and I find that suspicious and frankly fucking irresponsible and dangerous, but the fear and the lies and the repeating "over and over and over and over and over again" and now the pressure and coercion, threats and bribes -

people are caving even though it's natural to be hesitant about new technology - especially when people are dying from it and especially when there are other treatments and especially because we know so much more about the disease now, that even getting the needle doesn't make a lot of sense for most of the population - but suddenly they've changed their tune - and want to mandate it and it's like some kind of sick psychopath has taken the reigns.

Even how they coerced countries to spending billions before it was even in production was dodgy, with the convenient deaths of presidents who said no, replaced with "yes" presidents.

Constantly having to remind people over and over there's a pandemic even though we're not seeing it in our everyday lives - in fact most of the country wouldn't even know that there was anything going on except for the tv and the masks everywhere - which is key.

Noone trusts these jabs unless they have been mind-wiped by the media, and every country has had to resort to threats, mandates and bribes to "get this shit into people" - and when I started my research I thought they might be safe, I studied the mechanisms of what they were saying, but I kept on reaching a point where certain things could not be answered and the data didn't add up to what they were saying, and because I was following along with the latest research as per the media - and seeing them completely deny what I was seeing that was something they should be urgently telling people, it was like a wake up call for me.

The fact that they have now started to bribe entire populations with gifts and donuts and million-dollar lotteries to "get this technology into arms".

Why are they so desperate to get an experiment into the arms of the entire globe - into healthy people, pregnant women, and kids! - when it's not a traditional vaccine, it doesn't do the same thing, it doesn't have the same mechanisms, they are ignoring the warnings and common sense. Is it just that they have invested so much in it or is there some other reason?

What the fuck is in this fucking shot? Once you start seeing an 'insane rush to push it into people', your questions getting censored, the dangerous data being deliberately left out of the media, the numbers they are focusing on to keep you in a state of fear, the false reporting... so many things, you really start to think something is really not right here.

If you lose your trust, and they are omitting the facts, now I can't trust the research I originally published - because now I can't trust any of them. Because of that lack of trust - I can't even trust it does what they say it does.

We don't know anything because there was no 'external' review- it was all done in-house - we (our governments) pre-paid for something which they are 100% trusting that the companies are 'telling the truth' - it's literally the most insane process I've ever witnessed - I don't care that noone else seems to notice or care - these people either don't know what they are doing or they are in on it or benefiting in some way or threatened in some way.

Only the insiders of these companies know what is really in these shots. We need an external team to go in and see what is really going on in these labs - "just in case" these people are mentally-deranged. All current available COVID vaccines have a history of corruption and their contracts to governments are full of one-sided "we can do what we want, and you cannot".

So much is full of 'stupid choices'. This is experimental. This is unknown. We know who is at risk of severe symptoms. It's not the already healthy. Why doesn't the brainwashing mind-wiping work on us? And why is it working on everyone else? My guess is 'fear' or laziness or way too trusting to check anything for themselves.

Putting a needle into pregnant women - injecting them with something that was not 'allowed' in the trials... they are doing it now, with no long-term safety data? Now the databases are filled with miscarriages and foetal problems - and we have no idea what other problems it could cause.

Now they are starting to inject this new technology into kids! No long-term knowns. But they already have had kids die and have identified heart inflammation as one of the top side effects - and yet they keep repeating the mantra "safe, effective" - WOW. These are little kids - you sicko's - fuck off and stop this madness. These are kids - our children! Heart inflammation! Why are you not taking this seriously - why are they sacrificing their health with an injection that has 'known risks' when they are at such low risk from the virus? This is seriously incompetent - why is it being downplayed? Why the rush to get this jab into kids?

Makes sense ... if you are evil.

Locking down perfectly healthy people.
Not sharing the working treatments.
Isolating healthy people while they wait for a fraudulent test result and isolating them further for 14 days.

Making it 'mandatory' when it's still a completely new technology with no long-term effects ---- it's still in clinical trials & they aren't carefully monitoring all the lab-rats - because we ARE the lab-rats. Skipping the animal trials on a completely new technology which FAILED the animal trials in the past - this is insane? Unless you are evil.

Mass-Mind-Control - not only are they masters of mind-control tactics using "words" as the weapon, it's also possible to hypnotize and brainwash using technology. Tiny "less than the size of a grain of salt" AI microchips and GPS trackers also exist. I was not of the belief that this is what they were doing and I'm still not there - I couldn't go there because so many companies around the world were involved - too many people, too many companies. But I've since learnt more about all the various technologies that are in the world today and certain global leaders (WEF) wanting to turn everyone into this technology so again - I have doubts, I have questions, send in the review team!

Now I have to bloody add this to my 'list of possibilities" as the more I dig, the more I realize the network is massive, so much of this bio-technology exists and has existed for decades. I just don't know what to think - maybe they are that insane.

"I" can't think that way, but "THEY" do. Grand-plans for humanity in many documents that I used to think were just fringe conspiracies, I didn't know it was actually written on their websites - I didn't know it wasn't hidden. I didn't know they had open interviews about their plans for humanity - I just didn't look and I didn't (want to) believe.

I was naïve and just like everyone out there on planet earth right now hiding behind their masks and lining up for their weekly torture tests, and blindly holding out their arms without knowing anything they are saying is true - "forced" not to doubt - literally "forced to trust" by mass-hypnosis messages on repeat when they are in a state of fear and they are too lazy or too trusting to check.

There's so many "insane decisions" being made that should cause anyone and everyone to hesitate, but "hesitation" is the new enemy - so clever to make 'being hesitant about a completely unknown technology being injected into you... not once.. not twice.. three times and maybe 'for the rest of your life' all to stop you from getting severe covid --- but they are still getting severe covid with the jab and if they knew the 'other things' they could avoid severe covid whether they had the jab or not.

THAT is evil - this is a new technology!

Hiding the risks of the adverse effects, suppressing and threatening doctors... there's just so much that doesn't make sense - unless EVIL is in charge.

Law-changes that go against our very level of humanity:

--- Creating 'quarantine' centres ----- "concentration camps".
--- "forced" quarantine where you can stay "indefinitely" --- even in Canada, New Zealand and Australia - the land of the ... free? What happened?
--- "terrorism and defence" amendments giving Defence personnel and members of foreign forces complete immunity from criminal or civil liability -- what do they have planned?

I could go on and on.. more vaccinated than unvaccinated in some countries getting severe covid (UK/Israel). Pfizer announcing it's new 'antiviral' that you would have in addition to the jabs that aren't working - I'm completely disgusted by the lack of transparency, the questions being censored, the data being obscured, the people with covid-blinders on that are more concerned about their ego and being 'found out for having hesitation and questions' than what is in the goddamn jab.

I'm just thinking out loud about all the atrocities that only make sense to me if "evil" is running the show, and a pandemic is the perfect ruse for some "too rich to care" people "playing with their dolls"... and these videos from 2015 puts a little perspective in there for me - maybe there are some sicko psychopaths in this world, in higher governments and organizations, who have so much wealth and power, that they want to play 'dollhouse' on our world.

Maybe they were born into these corrupt organizations, or maybe there are some people with twisted secret society entanglements that involve things that us "little guys" just cannot wrap our minds around.

Evil makes sense.
Evil or those who 'believe' in Evil may actually be running this pandemic - for whatever end-goal - it seems they have endless possibilities from crashing the economy for a global reset or injecting everyone into some kind of social tracking system, or even genocide - who knows. If there are sicko's running this, then sicko & deadly outcomes can be expected. I don't know which way it will go, but it feels like it's about to get much worse, and that people are being forced to comply to things that go against their very soul because it's some kind of sick playground for Freaky-Friday elites who are not 'human' anymore.

Quick Excerpt browsing through Fiona's book:

The Octopus
Intelligence agencies like the CIA, MI6 and Mossad are all criminal organizations that trade in drugs, weapons, and children.
The CIA functions as a private police force for the elite.
The wealthy elite control their employees through compromise and blackmail
All intelligence agencies are privately owned criminal organizations
They’re not government officials but their tentacles can reach into any part of the government in almost any country including legitimate and rogue spy networks.

They are not notable industrialists, but they can pull the strings of the oil and banking empires at will.

They are not known criminals, but they successfully penetrated all factions of organized crime including the Mafia, the Japanese Yakuza, the secret Chinese Triads, and the terrorist underground.

"... his notes and phone records referenced drug trafficking, money laundering, Mossad, CIA, shellfish-based bioweapons, genetic engineering, Nicaragua, Watergate, Australia’s Nugent-Hand Bank, Pine Gap, MJ-12, and Area 51.23

This bizarre combination of diverse and seemingly unrelated research topics only makes sense within the context of witness testimonies like mine. I can pull together every single one of those topics and explain their solid relationship."

At the top sit the wealthy elite who maintain control by ensuring only blackmailed, compromised politicians, military brass and government officials occupy leadership.

The secret services, including ASIO, MI6 and the CIA coordinate the child trafficking and human compromise operation, receive the victims procured via the little men, modify the behaviour of child victims until they become suitable assets, and transport the trained victims nationally and internationally to service VIP pedophiles.

Read her book here for free:

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