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Super Intergalactic Wrestling TV - "HMMTL Tournament: Round 1" - September 17, 2021

Super Intergalactic Wrestling TV
September 17, 2021
"HMMTL Tournament: Round 1"

MGM Grand
Las Vegas, Nevada

SIW Comptroller Teddy Long has taken the top 16 teams from the Hardcastle & McCormick Memorial Tag League and placed them in a knockout tournament. The brackets will play out for the next few weeks on SIW TV. Who will emerge victorious? The team that wins the tourney not only has their names engraved in history but get a future shot at the SIW World Tag Team Championship!

Big Detective Energy vs Cobra Commander & Dean Martin

Match To Decide #1 Contender for SIW World Heavyweight Championship:
Samoa Joe vs Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman

No Rope Landmine Death Match:
Atsushi Onita vs Mr Pogo

Round 1 of the HMMTL Tournament:

Mega Powers vs Candido & Bigelow w/ Francine

New Day vs Road Warriors w/ Paul Ellering

Miracle Violence Connection vs The Shield

Dudley Boyz vs Sabu & Rob Van Dam

Sting & Ultimate Warrior vs Midnight Express & Jim Cornette

The Outsiders vs Undisputed Era

Lee & Ciampa vs The Rockers

Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard w JJ Dillon vs Allied Powers

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