California Governor Newsom Recall Election

Published August 18, 2021 960 Views

Rumble Today I voiced my preference by voting to recall Gavin Newsom. I would rather have Larry Elder as Governor. At least he is honest and human. California is now Kalifornia as evil democrats have turned our state into a junkyard of trash and drugs, homeless people and illegal immigrants. Our roads and highways are covered in trash. People steal with impunity as the law will not prosecute anyone who steals $799 or less. In fact, Kalifornia has become Trashifornia. Look for my Trashifornia Videos. And the real problem? These fascists, Nazi Socialist Brown-Shirt democrats have fooled generally nice people into believing this is normal. God help us in Trashifornia. Do not come here to this Fascist State until we clean out these vermin from Sacramento.