When Science Is Not Science - Positivism

Published August 14, 2021 9 Views

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When Science Is Not Science - Positivism
Is Positivism the same as being positive? I have watched the trends of unmoral manipulation in sciences over the last thirty years to the point that Science is Not Science any longer. I have a science background. I speak to the details of my hard science and soft science past on the program. What I discuss in this program is a more simple explanation regarding the politicalization and rationalization of funding for amoral science, especially at the federal level - A hint is: the resurgence of logical positivism.

Logical Positivism
Cath and I were going through some past teachings of R. C. Sproul when one came up on Logical Positivism. I had not even thought about that in years and then it hit me like a rock that the resurgence of that philosophy is a core tenet of what is occurring in the political realm but worse, what is the rational of all things science at the federal level. Hence, the ChicomFlu and all the actions around it are inescapably the empirical castings of Logical Positivism. Yes, there is a resurgence in actively implementing logical positivism.

What is it? The dictionary of psychology defines logical positivism as: Go To This Link to Continue reading - https://samueladamsreturns.net/episode-313-when-science-is-not-science-positivism/

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