Blacks Most "Vaccine Hesitant" to COVID-19 Shots - More Ignorant or Wiser than General Population?

Published August 13, 2021 10,056 Views

A black man in the U.K. walked up to a bus where the AstraZeneca shots were being given to people.

The first question he asked those in the bus who were injecting people was "Is the vaccine safe?"

Without hesitation, both people in the bus stated "yes."

He then pulls out a flyer that apparently had official UK government statistics from their "Yellow Card" adverse reporting system and asked them to explain why they were saying the shots were "safe" with so many injuries.

One guy says: "That's propaganda" without even looking at it. 

The black man filming this encounter was doing what I have seen very few people do in protest: Go to the actual places where they are giving out the shots and try to educate people on how dangerous they are.

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