Jeff Deist, Tucker Goodrich, Dr Yu Join - A Neighbor's Choice LIVE 8-12-21

Published August 12, 2021 132 Views

Joining David Gornoski for this episode is Brad Smith from Michigan who talks about how the lockdowns have stifled everyday life, how health passports will hurt businesses; and more. Also in this episode, Tucker Goodrich calls in to offer his insights on mandating experimental medicine for children; how nuts consumption can cause diabetes; how processed foods take damage teeth; why too much glucose in the blood is toxic; and the kinds of vegetable oils that should be avoided the most.
The chief science officer of A Neighbor's Choice is back with Science and U. Dr. Weiping Yu comments on the news that a research team may have created the world's first time crystal; the claim that the moon lacked a magnetic field for much of its history; and the claim that scientists have spotted light behind a black hole. The Mises Institute's Jeff Deist comments on the passing of the infrastructure bill; how inflation affects everyone differently; how inflation harms families; Blake Master's campaign for the senate; whether mask and health passport mandates will increase; and more.

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