Aug 2021 Combat Event at SCRCMC

2 years ago

The perfect mix of Glow Fuel and Adrenaline for a Saturday.
Combat is held by each plane towing a streamer consisting of 25 feet crepe paper ribbon and a 40 foot string leader line. Pilots try to cut off each other's streamer and hopefully avoid a midair collision. At the aircraft speeds, that ribbon passes by in less than a 1/4 second so timing is everything. Throw in the fact you have to judge the distance your airplane is away from you (and your opponent) adds that extra dimension where an apparent close encounter can be in fact several feet away. Each round is five minutes and pilots score a point for every completed minute they are the combat zone plus 5 points for every streamer cut and for those that like it close and personal 10 points for a string cut. In spite the challenges, many streamer cuts and string cuts were achieved. Spectators were thoroughly involved with cheers and groans called out as planes succeeded or just missed getting a cut.

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