Disrupt Now Podcast Episode 86, Tips On Leading During Times of Crisis

In times of crisis, people that have to lead must face and manage things that they never have before. Now is a time we are seeing this more and more every day. Inside this episode, Natalie Viglione, host, speaks with guest, Kris Plachy, about what it really means to be a leader.

- Here are some of the great takeaways from this episode:
- How overcompensating with power and authority is not leading with authenticity
- Defining what leadership truly means
- Why it’s okay to feel fatigued, pooped, wiped, and done
- Why it’s imperative to DEprogram and reform yourself to become a true leader especially during a crisis
- The most solid anchor is clarity and intention
- Why there is a huge difference between being kind to ourselves versus hiding and avoiding the work that’s necessary to get done
- Why communication is essential as a leader because people can’t read your mind

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