El Credito El Perrito War Of Flavors Cigar Review

2 years ago

This very rustic 5.5x38 cigar is completely hand made and rolled without a mold, and thus features a very lumpy construction with a dark brown slightly toothy wrapper, minimal veins, fairly large slightly uneven seams, a dry firm feel and oily tobacco aroma. The tip is pre-cut and the first light reveals a perfect draw, although the small 20 or so RG tip feels weird in my mouth it's producing thick rich smoke with medium-full body flavors of leather and a bright crisp tobacco with a long finish. The first third shows many different flavors popping in and out from one draw tot he next. Leather comes and goes, it gets earthy especially on the finish, a creamy coffee and pepper comes and goes - quite varied. Draw is perfect, burn is very good, the smoke output is great, very thick and rich. 15 minutes in, still in the first third, flavors shift again to a very creamy leather with cinnamon. The 1/2 way point comes and only adds a bit more pepper and heat on the finish, giving a bit pf pepper kick to let you know it's there. The other flavors are still present and bouncing around from draw to draw. Ending at 45 minutes, the last third showed no further changes.

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