Dr. Robert Malone ~ The Liberty Forum ~ 8-10-2021

2 years ago

When Science is Silenced:
The Story of COVID Vaccines,
from the scientist behind the technology

Featuring Robert Malone, MD, MS
Internationally recognized scientist and original inventor of mRNA- & DNA-Vaccination Technologies

The "Black Swan" event of 2020 — the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic — imposed disruptive stresses on virtually all local, national, and international systems. In response, many governments (Germany, England, America) chose to invest in, emphasize, and expedite deployment of non-traditional gene therapy-based vaccines, while excluding off-label drug use (i.e. famotidine, hydroxycholoroquine, etc.).

One has to ask: Why?

Why would governments and governmental agencies purposefully ignore — and in many instances, ban — repurposed OTC drug therapies, while ramrodding at breakneck speed what some have called, at best, an "experimental drug?"

And in a country identified with the right to free speech, why would doctors, scientists and everyday citizens who are questioning public policy regarding the vaccine be likewise ignored, censored and — in many instances like Dr. Malone — banned?

As the leading scientist in cutting edge vaccine technology development and being at the forefront of public health responses over 30 years, Dr. Robert Malone, MD, MS is uniquely qualified to discuss the origins of these preferentially treated genetic vaccine platforms and current government implementation policies. Today, public policy, bioethics, traditional-, social- and other media censorship, academia, "Big Pharma," tech, and myriad sectors interact under unprecedented stress. Are the governmental responses we are witnessing — that reveal emergent threats to individual rights and good government — all part of the "Noble Lie?"

ABOUT OUR SPEAKER: Robert W. Malone MD, MS is an internationally recognized scientist (virology, immunology, molecular biology) and the original inventor of mRNA- and DNA-vaccination, and multiple non-viral DNA and RNA/mRNA delivery technologies.

Dr. Malone has assembled and managed expert teams focused on solving complicated biodefense challenges to meet US government requirements, and were instrumental in enabling the PHAC/rVSV ZEBOV (“Merck Ebola”) vaccine to move quickly to licensure.

Since January 10, 2020 Dr. Malone has been focused on clinical research including the COVID-19 disease mechanism, drug development, non-invasive treatments, and repurposed COVID-19 drug treatments, such as mast cells, celecoxib, dexamethasone, and famotidine.

He is a US-based physician-scientist consultant specializing in developing medical countermeasures (vaccines and drugs) for infectious diseases. He has served as an Assistant and Associate Professor of Pathology and Surgery at UC Davis, University of Maryland, and the Armed Forces University of the Health Sciences. Among Dr. Malone's many core competencies are clinical development and regulatory affairs. He was scientifically trained at the Salk Institute of Molecular Biology and Virology Laboratories, among other prestigious institutions.

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