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Rumble Families and caregivers have a variety of health concerns when it comes to their elders. Explore topics that can help prevent serious medical conditions from developing, including help for increasing or maintaining mobility, preventing falls that can easily result in broken bones and ensuring that the right medications are being taken in the right dosages.
General Articles on Senior Health Care

Heart Healthy Tips for Senior Nutritional Needs 
By: Aadil Palkhivala

Heart Health & Well-Being: A 5-Point Plan 
By: Julie Davis
As we get older and chronic conditions surface—whether it’s high blood pressure, another form of heart disease or diabetes, for instance—taking medication becomes vital.

Senior Fitness: Muscle Strength May Stave Off Alzheimer’s And Other Health Issues 
By: Julie Davis
Strength training for seniors has cognitive and physical benefits—and it can be easy and fun.

Lifestyle Changes Reduce Stroke Risk 
By: Julie Davis
New guidelines issued by the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association say that people who make healthy lifestyle choices can significantly reduce stroke risk by 80 percent.

5 Steps To Protect Against Extreme Heat’s Effects On Seniors 
By: Kathy Johnson
Extreme heat is a leading cause of preventable death among seniors and with recent record-breaking temperatures, it is important seniors and caregivers know how to stay safe in hot weather.

Keeping Your Balance 
By: Chris Iliades
About eight million Americans have balance problems and one in three Americans over age 65 will fall every year. Injuries from falls, like a fractured hip, can change a senior's life in ways senior fear most—isolation and loss of independence.

Is Complementary And Alternative Medicine Right For You? 
More and more people, seniors included, are turning to complementary and alternative medicine to ease various conditions. 

Vitamin D Deficiency: A Common Risk Factor for Seniors 
By: Chris Iliades
Years ago doctors were mainly concerned about vitamin D deficiency in children. Foods were fortified with vitamin D to prevent the bone disease called rickets. Now we know that rickets was only the tip of the iceberg and that seniors are also at high risk for vitamin D deficiency. According to a recent study in the journal Age and Ageing, vitamin D deficiency may contribute to osteoporosis, muscle weakness, hip fractures, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, arthritis and poor general health in seniors.

Walkers for Seniors: A Better Way to Look at This Independence Device 
By: Julie Davis
Far from being a sign of weakness, consider walkers for seniors as a way to stay active and confident. Use these strategies to choose and use the best one for you.

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