George News: In 1959 They Were Able To Move a Hurricane! A Walt Disney Presentation!

George News: In 1959 They Were Able To Move a Hurricane! A Walt Disney Presentation!
George News (Anonymous) posted video 2 years Delta August 10th 2019

Hurricane coming on Miami, 48h notice, could hit at 6 oclock, All station sector C, Activate phase 2 control plan Delta.

Huricane in Miami, 6 Oclock could be dangerous, Activate plan Delta...

Worldwide weather center
Robots satelites
Cloud seeding
Vapor rockets
Artificial clouds will block the sun to feed the huricane.
Cloud seeding creating flood danger over Kansas.
Robot aircraft dispatched to release high concentration of cloud seeding materials.
Emergency alert
Now we can only watch and wait for the storm to pass...
Invisible wall of safety
The Storm is over, the danger has pass. (Sunshine is coming back).
From dark to light.
In the world of tomorrow, weather control will enrich and safeguard our daily life.
We will turn destroctive elements of today into new sources of power. (Free energy)
All mankind will benefits.
Vast frozen areas will become productive. (Antartica)

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