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What is your intuition telling you?

What are we dealing with right now?

How can we defend ourselves?

Nothing in your life is real. Nothing you know is true. Your life was designed for you with all lies carefully choreographed and planned. It's time to wake up and escape the matrix. Your future depends on it.

Please know your value. The future depends on your awakening.
You have to wake up.

Its a Grown Up message for Grown Up subscriber with the ability to control their emotion.

You might feel UNCOMFORTABLE with the REALIZATIONS you come
to after hearing these WORDS.

Don’t Let curiosity disrupt the IMAGE of your WORLD.

These WORDS are dedicated to a tiny Minority of PEOPLE willing to learn or expand their KNOWLEDGE. NOT everyone is ready for this message.

Some of the TRUTHS might seem to be Negative BUT only to those who are not ready to learn. The More you know the More POSITIVE it will appear to you.

My WORDS' purpose is to help you and make your life better. Its not about presenting all existing lies to you but its more about making you aware that you are lied to all the time.

I will give you some examples for you to think about but its supposed to be just an Introduction into the Subject of TRUTH.

I have been collecting this information for More than a decade and it could be easily turned into a ten-episode documentary and we still probably would not even scratch the surface of the ILLUSION that we ALL live in.

If you are skeptic I don't blame you. the Scale and extent of lies in unimaginable and very difficult to accept.

In fact we are at a Stage where the reality is STRANGER than FICTION.

Video saved from: https://t.me/MichaelJacksonQ/633 It did not include the links for supporting this video as it says at the end. If I find the original, I will add these here.


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The draconian measures will stop when EVERYONE stops being compliant with the enemy!

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