Here Comes the Famines, Jabs and Covaids Walmart FEMA Camps

Published August 10, 2021 8,126 Views

Rumble ECI Development: Nicaragua go to

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Intro vid: What is the secret of Soylent Green?

Soylent Green, the 1973 movie:

- Deer with COVID (

... not to mention the prion chronic wasting disease in deer

- songbirds dying mysteriously
- & warnings for poultry (in the UK, bird flu forcing birds indoors)
- rabbits with "rabbit ebola"
- chipmunks with plague
- wild hogs with ASF (

Interim Operational Considerations for Implementing the Shielding Approach to Prevent COVID-19 Infections in Humanitarian Settings:

President Obama Has Canceled His 60th Birthday Bash at His Martha's Vineyard: Mansionweekend.


Gates-Honored Doctor: We'll Just Get Rid Of All The Whites In The United States:

MARK DICE INVESTIGATION: Video Shows Americans Are In Favor of Mandating Vaccines & Jailing "Anti-Vaxers":

Fauci says COVID-19 booster shots likely for some groups:

When all else fails: LIE

Director of COVID-19 Vaccine Program: We DESTROYED 83% of Your Immune System:

Israel sees waning coronavirus vaccine effectiveness:

Marr on catching Covid after being double vaccinated: (Video)

Turning flu cases into COVID through manipulation---easy as pie:

“We Want our Freedom!” 237,000 Protest Vax Passports in 180 Cities in France!:

Mexican President Says No Need to Show Proof of Vaccination: