Water Fasting: The Most Cost Effective Method of Healing? (Part 1) - Dr. Edward Group at TTAC [...]

2 years ago

Have you ever thought of fasting as a method to heal your body? Why is it that fasting is mentioned over 40 times in the bible? Watch this video to get the answers. And visit our website for more cutting-edge information that impacts your health: http://bit.ly/ttac-join

Listen to Dr. Edward Group talk about water-fasting and why it might just be the most cost-effective method of healing.

Dr. Edward Group, founder of the Global Healing Center, and his team have dug into past documents and found extensive information on fasting. Watch the video to find out what they discovered about water-only fasting, which Dr. Group also calls "probably the most cost-effective method of healing in the world."

Enjoy & be sure to watch to the end.

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