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Blender 3D - Cycles X vs Cycles - Incredible Speed Up!

Blender 3D - Cycles X vs Cycles - Incredible Speed Up!

A Comparison of Blender 2.92 Cycles and Blender 3.0 Alpha Cycles X. This scene is from my Zero One animation project. It is a relatively big scene with a large amount of geometry and texture data. In addition, it is almost entirely lit by emission textures.

I recorded the render times after running the render at least once to avoid the conversion time to Cycles and Cycles X. Although I have 2 x 2070 Super, I'm only running 1 x 2070 super GPU in this test as Cycles X does not support multi GPUs at the moment. With that said, Cycles X is still pretty fast with just 1 GPU.

My computer specs are:
AMD Ryzen 1800x with 16 Threads.
2 x 2070 Super (but only using a single 2070 Super for a fair comparison)
32 GB of Vram
1TB SSD Drive for data caching.

If you have any questions on how I ran the test, please ask me below. Thanks.


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