MAN ON THE SCENE Dinesh D’Souza Podcast Ep149

Published August 9, 2021 8,771 Views
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In this episode, Dinesh has an in-depth conversation with Rep. Troy Nehls about the events and significance of January 6. Nehls is a retired Army captain who served both in Iraq and Afghanistan, so he's in a position to say whether January 6 was "terrorism" in the way he experienced it.  Nehls is also the former sheriff of Fort Bend County, Texas, so he knows something about lawlessness and police conduct.  Nehls was on the scene on January 6, and he'll compare what he witnessed with Pelosi and the Left's subsequent description. Finally, Nehls was a GOP nominee to the Pelosi Task Force, and he can tell the difference between a real and bogus investigation. Buckle up!

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