You Think You Know: 21 Covid-19 Myths

2 years ago

This video was produced by Christine Dolan, a seasoned US Investigative Journalist and Television Producer, who has worked for US networks and traveled the world. She is a world renown expert on human trafficking, which includes medicinal trafficking - not just sex and labor - not just on the street, but over the internet.

She released this video during her July 2021 American Conversations program in Atlanta. She is throwing her weight behind taking on PHARMA and exposing their global corruption to save humanity, and especially the children all over the world because of COVID-19.

With her and her colleagues' experience of taking on human trafficking & the Catholic Church 's sex scandals, the game is about to pivot.

"Every adult on earth needs to stand up for the protection of children, who are not data digits for TECH, or guinea pigs for PHARMA experiments," said Christine

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