The Government of Jamaica Must Listen to the Experts

2 years ago

A bombshell revelation from Dr. Ira Bernstein that if we listen to the real experts and implement early outpatient treatment using safe and effective drugs like ivermectin, we could end all draconian government measures while saving more Jamaican lives.

On August 6th, 2021, representing Jamaica's so called Independence Day, the United Independents' Congress hosted a Walk for Liberty, walking against draconian Government actions.

Since the beginning of this pandemic, our Government has outright refused to tell the truth and be transparent with the Jamaican people. They did not tell us how to properly protect ourselves from this virus and the outright refused to provide detailed information to the UIC that would have benefited the Jamaican people in the long run.

If the Government of Jamaica is not listening to the experts, who are they listening to? One thing is for sure, the leadership of the UIC are listening to the experts and as revealed in this video, life can go back to normal and we can save more Jamaican lives, but only if the Government listens to the UIC and the virologists, medica doctors, immunologists, etc. that we are in contact with.

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