How To Survive the Fiery Furnace of a Modern Day Medical Babylon!

2 years ago

Two Modern-Day Women of God with One Modern-Day Man of God Interviewed by Noel Wu Another Man of God Have Been Thrown Into the Fiery Furnace of Modern-Day Fake Medical Science for Speaking Out Loud The Truth to the World Concerning Viruses, Vaccines and the Viral Theory!

Remember Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego three Men of God from the biblical Book of Daniel, primarily chapter 3? In the narrative, these three Hebrew men are thrown into a fiery furnace by Nebuchadnezzar II, King of Babylon, when they refuse to bow down to the king's image; the three men are preserved from harm and the king sees four men walking in the flames, "the fourth was the son of God!

These three doctors of truth and light specifically raised-up for this latter-day generation, Dr Robert O Young, Dr Judy Mikovits and Dr. Meri Crouley share with YOU how to protect yourself and your loved ones from the fiery flames of sickness and dis-ease based upon the environmental or terrain theory that will lead you and your family to health, energy, vitality and everlasting life!

Watch, listen, learn and then share because YOU care about every living human and animal on this planet!

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