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Dr. Fauci Deceived President Biden - Played the Media - Misled the People

COVID 19 Delta People are Dying – While Dr. Fauci is Lying – Media Let Truth Go Forth.

Viewers will be given an opportunity to see what is really happening today regarding COVID 19 and what the major media has kept from them. Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, an International Vaccination Expert shares information that Dr. Fauci has failed to explain. Viewers are provided information to help empower them to work through this crisis and to make sound decisions. Dr. Bossche explains why mass vaccination will not end this crisis and the harmful effect of vaccinating children. Viewers will understand why this crisis should not be referred to as the pandemic of the unvaccinated and discover the true role the vaccinated are playing in this pandemic. Viewers will be able to hear directly from Dr. Bossche, recommendations we should take now to end this pandemic. Every doctor and health care worker should also watch this video.

Viewers are given an opportunity to see a compilation of sound works of investigative journalism to bring forth truth regarding COVID 19. Many of these stories have not been covered by the major media outlets. This work helps viewers make a more informed decision regarding their personal health and the actions they need to take now to help prevent the spread of COVID 19 and the type of treatment available if they should become infected with the virus. Moreover, the major media outlets leadership will be able to see why it is of the utmost importance to ensure the proper coverage of every aspect of this pandemic is covered.

Viewers will be given an opportunity to hear from doctors who claim Ivermectin can be used to cure and prevent COVID 19. Moreover, viewers will hear from a lawyer who has help patients to obtain ruling from judges that ordered hospital to administer Ivermectin to them while they were in hospitals; And how these patients fully recovered after being administered Ivermectin. This video also features the COVID Hunter and how he and a group of doctors have used Ivermectin to treat individuals and its effectiveness.

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