Tucker: Wasn't Biden Accused Of Sexual Harassment Like Cuomo Was

Published August 4, 2021 1,634 Views

Rumble CARLSON: "Wasn’t Joe Biden accused of all of that, credibly? I guess we're pretending that didn’t happen, but we care about this. One thing we learned, Andrew Cuomo is not against defunding the police. He wants to have sex with them, or at least one of them. Now just to be clear, you can find the little sexual commissars on your screen that you just saw repulsive and at the same time find Andrew Cuomo repulsive. It’s okay to dislike everybody involved. In fact, you probably should. The AG's report also found that Governor Cuomo appeared to be sexually attracted to his Emmy statue. How is that for weird? 'Two witnesses also recounted that during a meeting, the Governor looked at his Emmy statue, which he had won in November of 2020 and put in his Albany office, and said something to the effect of, 'look at her figure. Isn’t she buxom?'”