You Are the Miracle!

Published August 3, 2021 426 Views

You Are the Miracle!

Most of us have been programmed to constantly look outside ourselves for someone to heal us, to take away our pain and our suffering.

I received a real-life lesson that tested every fibre of my being, when till I got hit by a truck and left with terrible injuries in 2006.

That is when I had a huge shift in consciousness.
I had to believe 100% that I could heal myself back to full health, there was no other option.

I had to connect with the real me, the Core Self, that had been hiding behind the roles that I played, like the mum, wife, daughter, friend, sister, healer, coach, blogger, herbalist, CEO, etc.

I had to find my real self, and I had to do it fast, otherwise, I would have died.

Have you ever had an experience where you felt 100 connected with the Real You?

Think about it for a minute.

When you lose an arm or a leg, you are still you, right?

And when you lose your job, your loved one, there is this part of you that remains unaffected by it all.

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