Making Happy Slaves

Pulling threads from my AmazingPolly report on the Quandts.
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In this video I talk about the Quandt-linked slave-using Nazi corporations and their influence on the world today – the Great Reset, Sustainable Development, funded science, human experimentation at hospitals & research centers and more.

Video: AmazingPolly Jan 2019 about Quandts and Hillary:

Drosten Ciesek podcast Quandt money:
Did Joanna Quandt Foundation pay for Drosten’s Charitee position?
Charitee Experiments:
Drosten & Quandt at 2019 Healthy Planet Healthy People conference:
TUM, Klatten & Minister of Economic Affairs:
Bosch London Transport Project:
Kaiser Wilhelm Institute under National Socialism:
Wintershall slave labour:
Kaiser Wilhelm Eugenics:

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