Delta Variant EXPOSED

Published August 3, 2021 3,106 Views

Rumble Here's the question: Does the Delta variant exist? Who can say what it is?! But yeah, one thing is for sure is a significant number of double vaccinated people are testing positive and falling ill, especially in the UK since early 2021.

So, this begs the question: Is the UK government to blame for the rise in number of cases because they pushed people to get jabbed? Could it be that the jabs precipitated the delta variant?....And if that is not bad enough, the Home Secretary, Rt Hon. Priti Patel was exposed by the Home Affairs Committee when she was grilled by Rt. Hon. Yvette Cooper. Yvette Cooper said to the Home Secretary:

‘I don’t think there’s anybody in the country who thinks that your border policy worked,’

A country ( no need to mention names!) that should have been on the red list was treated like an amber list country...Hmm. So much for Priti Patel's 'Border Policy'!

So yeah, whatever, the UK government has turned UK into an s-hole.

Disclaimer: Graphic language; Fair use.