Seth Keshel | Gen. Flynn Exclusive: 10 INDISPUTABLE FACTS on the 2020 Election That Argue for Audits

Published August 3, 2021 12,501 Views
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Seth Keshel joins us to share how and where most election fraud took place.

Gen. Flynn Exclusive: 10 INDISPUTABLE FACTS on the 2020 Election That Argue for Audits

1. Bellwether counties: In 2020, former President Donald J. Trump carried 18 of 19 “bellwether” counties (losing only Clallam County, Washington state). The term “bellwether” in the political arena refers to a county or state that aligns itself with the ultimate winner of an election.

2. Bellwether states: In 2020, Trump carried four vital bellwether states (Ohio, Iowa, North Carolina and Florida). These states represent a strong base consisting of urban, suburban, rural, union and ethnic minority voters. Additionally, these states have been won by the same candidate 13 times since 1896, and every single time, that candidate won either the presidency or their re-election.

3. Share of primary votes: Share of primary votes during the primary elections is a way to judge outcomes of presidential elections.

4. Incumbents who gain votes win: Incumbent vote gain is another key indicator of presidential race outcomes. Since 1892, and as the expansion of the United States slowed, only six presidents have lost re-election. All six had fewer total votes in their re-election campaigns than in their initial campaigns. All incumbents who gained votes won re-election.

5. Voter registration by party: Voter registration by party is touted as one of the most accurate predictors of determining presidential election outcomes. Not all states register voters by party, but for those that do, the evidence is plain to see.

6. Down-ballot voting: House of Representatives down-ballot voting is an indicator of success for the top of the ticket.

7. Florida as a key trend indicator: Why is Florida such an important indicator of presidential election success? Since 1932, Florida’s trajectory has correlated perfectly with the trajectory of Michigan and Pennsylvania as a reflection of working-class political sentiment.

8. Gaining everywhere but losing everything: Despite historic strength and gains of Trump in battleground states and battleground counties, Trump “lost.”

9. Victory goes to the minority vote-getter: Trump achieved historic improvements with minority voters across the nation.

10. 2020 was “the most secure presidential election in U.S. history”: Post-election behavior by politicians on both sides and their mainstream media and Big Tech allies is beyond contemptible.

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