E P Carrillo Interludes Cigars Review

2 years ago

This is a combo review of 4 cigars, the line of Carrillo Interludes in Natural and Maduro both in 4x38 and 3.75x48 sizes. They are normal premium hand-rolled cigars just in very small sizes for shorter smoke times. They both offer firm packs, with minimal veins, tight invisible seams, double caps and faint aromas of nuts and cedar with the maduro also having a sweetness and the natural a hay. The maduro is dark chocolate with the natural a dark tan. Starting with the Maduro in 4x38, first light features a snug draw with plentiful rich medium-full bodied smoke showing flavors of deep heavy earth and big pepper bite both with a long full finish. Ending at 20 minutes it added just a touch of bread at the tail end before getting too hot for my taste. Lighting the 3.75x48 it starts with a mustiness and bit of the bread right off the light, with the generic sweetness adding a bit of distinct flavor. This size quickly drops the bread going to the same profile as the first but with less body. Ending at 30 minutes it stayed consistent. The 4x38 Natural starts with a perfect draw again with medium-full bodied flavors showing a zingy metallic sweet nuttiness with a long gritty finish. Ending at 25 minutes with perfect burn the only change is the sweetness morphing to a cinnamon by the end. Lighting the 3.75x48 Natural it starts with the same profile but at a full body with a perfect draw and plumes of smoke. 30 minutes in to the hot nub it was full of zesty nutty cinnamon the whole way down.

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