13 Reasons Why We Live in the Last Hour of Human History (Complete Video)

13 Reasons Why We Live in the Last Hour of Human History - (Complete Video)

Most Christians do not believe that we live in the last moments of human history before the events of the tribulation sweep over the earth.

The reasons for this vary.

Many belong to churches that have long since rejected beliefs in the pretribulation rapture, a seven-year tribulation, and the millennial reign of Jesus. Others remain unaware of how so many signs point to the nearness of Jesus’ appearing either because their pastors do not teach biblical prophecy or when they do, they dismiss it as something irrelevant to the lives of those listening.

Some reason that there have been horrendous times in the past and the Lord did not return then. What makes today any different? Life returned to normal after the horrors and catastrophic events of WW II. What can’t that happen today?

We all feel the strong pull of normalcy, do we not? Does this not cause many to resist the thought that a prolonged period of God’s wrath is right at our door? Though it seems less and less likely with each passing day, I think we all wish for the freedoms we enjoyed before the COVID-19 lockdowns began.

What makes it so unlikely that life will return to normal? For that matter, what makes today so different from the tumultuous times in the past when the Lord did not return? These are great questions that I will endeavor to answer in this series.

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