Election Integrity, Mandates, Mental Illness and Malevolent Law

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Election Integrity, Mandates, Mental Illness and Malevolent Law
Lack of Election Integrity, Mandates causing Mental Illness while being sanctioned by Malevolent Law.

Election Integrity
I take a hard jab at the Ohio Secretary of State (SOS) since he has not been as forthcoming as he promised during his campaign for the title. He is a former Special Forces member and should know that his Oath is eternally binding yet, he is a ‘never Trumper’ so he is playing the tune of a quasi-conservative / establishment repudican. I’ve see the data and Ohio is not as pure as he insists it is. The Ohio SOS needs to lead in Integrity, one definition is: internal consistency or lack of corruption in electronic data, regarding the voting machines in every county. But, does he have ears to hear and act on truth?

The despotic manipulators destroying Constitutionalism and our republic are using case law to force Mandates. The judicial system no longer functions as the Founders Intended. Both the Anti-federalists and Thomas Jefferson were correct regarding the judiciary: See the quotes and all References at the link above

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