Disrupt Now Podcast Episode 70, What Is Gut Health and Why Is It Important?

Published July 29, 2021 2 Views

Rumble Gut health expert and holistic healer, Lian Monley, works with clients and gets down to the biomechanical and physical level. Gut health is a major key to understanding how healthy we truly are. Here are some of the big things you’ll learn in this episode:

- That there’s not just ONE component to healing but MANY - a truly HOLISTIC (whole body) approach is required
- Why the gut is the 2nd brain and one of the biggest keys to understanding dis-ease in the body and how this is also connected to the vagus nerve
- How our gut holds up to 90% of all pathogens and bacteria in our bodies
- The things you can do RIGHT NOW to take action to get your gut and overall body more balanced
- How we are our own biggest healers & more

It’s vital that we become TRULY HEALTHY and we have to take it upon ourselves to find the right healers to help us (sadly, western medicine is not the answer to TRUE health).

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