Disrupt Now Podcast Episode 61, Explore Epigenetics & the Mind-Body-DNA Connection

Published July 29, 2021 5 Views

Rumble Learn About Epigenetics and the Mind-Body-DNA Connection
Here's How You Empower Your Own Unique Health Journey

Special Guest: David Krantz, Certified Epigenetic Coach

There are so many things that have been hidden from us around our health. We aren’t taught that WE have total control over it (for the most part). We have been taught that our genes dictate our health and that’s not true at all. Sometimes it can have an impact, but that’s actually quite rare.

Our health is critical to our lives and running a business. In fact, our business can’t really work unless we have our health, because as we know everything is connected.

“Conventional medicine is operating from an archaic view that we’re controlled by genes. This misunderstands the nature of how biology works.” - Dr. Bruce Lipton, Cell Biologist, Teacher & Author

This sets up this next episode perfectly. We need to know that our genes don’t dictate your health destiny. Even though we’ve been taught otherwise, and it’s time that we get back to the truth and be empowered to find out what health means for us individually (as unique individuals).

Some questions you’re probably asking:
* So what is epigenetics and why is it important?
* What does epigenetics mean?
* And, what does the word “nutrigenetics” mean?

This will act as an intro to epigenetics and nutrigenetics… Here’s what you’ll find out in this episode with our guest, David Krantz, a Certified Epigenetic Coach:

* What really drives evolutionary change for each of us as a human
* What’s possible for our own unique health journeys
* Learn what epigenetics is and what it means for your health
* How epigenetics even goes beyond just the personal level but also goes to the global transpersonal level in terms of how we transmit experiences held in our body to our children and grandchildren
* What nutrigenetics is and how your diet is one of the most basic and potentially modifiable components of your environment

And, more!


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