One Big Issue Regarding Biden’s Proposed Infrastructure Deal

Published July 29, 2021 749 Views

Rumble On Wednesday, the U.S. Senate voted to begin debate on a $1.2 Trillion bipartisan infrastructure framework. As we've often said, it's very possible to pass a targeted bipartisan bill that upgrades our country's critical infrastructure. However, there are two important concerns about what's happening. First, we have yet to see any bill text for this "$1.2 Trillion framework." It is always dangerous to take Congress's word for anything, and this is no exception. Second, and even more concerning, is the fact that President Biden and radical Leftist leadership on Capitol Hill are saying this bipartisan bill will only be considered if a larger $3.5 Trillion partisan Leftist wish list bill is also passed. If that is the case, this isn't a bipartisan deal at all, but rather just the opening salvo in what will eventually be a $5 Trillion partisan spending bonanza.